Detroit debut for Chevy’s Sonic RS – As in ‘Really Sporty’


Chevy debuts its 2013 Sonic RS at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

As competition in the hot hatch category gets, well, hotter, Chevy is poised to add a few degrees of its own heat with a warmer variant of its all-new Sonic. With its debut at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the Sonic RS is scheduled to arrive in showrooms in the 4th quarter as a 2013 model. For those that have driven the new Sonic, especially when equipped with the 1.4 Turbo and 6-speed manual, a ‘breathed-on’ version of the not-yet-iconic Sonic can’t come soon enough.

What info Chevrolet has shared prior to the show is the addition of various cosmetic tweaks – front fascia, RS-specific grille, new rear spoiler, etc. – along with a lowered and stiffened suspension and retuned sport exhaust. Early reviews of the Sonic hatch have generally been enthusiastic, and our own experience behind the wheel was positive, wishing only for a more precise connection between the road and the seat-of-your-pants (which the RS suspension should provide). We also hoped for rear discs, and early info doesn’t mention that most desirable mod. The RS does, however, get a chrome outlet on its tailpipe.

A well-equipped Sonic mit turbo can also be a tad pricey, pushing $20K. We hope the new RS, while really special, keeps the price point ‘real attainable’. And we’ll count on SEMA vendors to give the Sonic another 30-40 horsepower, making it – are you ready? – a more Super Sonic.