‘Doctor’ uses Fix-A-Flat for buttocks injections

If you’re thinking of heading to Florida for some low-cost plastic surgery, you might want to verify the doctor has a valid license and didn’t get the supplies at Pep Boys. A 30-year-old transgender woman was arrested in Miami Gardens, Florida, accused of practicing medicine without a license and treating her patient who wanted buttock injections with a mixture of cement, Fix-A-Flat, and mineral oil.

At the agreed-upon bargain price of $700, the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ was administered to the patient by the man/woman who worked as a stripper, yet moonlighted as a cosmetic surgeon, according to the Tampa Bay Examiner. To top it off, the incision was sealed using Super Glue. Not surprisingly, the recipient of the procedure was hospitalized. No word on her condition, but we bet she’s probably feeling a bit deflated.