Aussie glow green in school zone safety project: 40 points for each

Australian school kids crossing road wearing "40" vests

Australian school kids crossing the road wearing flourescent green “40” vests look like targets in a video game.

Never mind that putting numbers on their backs makes them look like targets from a video game, Australian elementary school children are being “encouraged” to wear florescent green vests because their older brothers and sisters are zoned out on IPODS and mobile phones. The electronic devices are being blamed for distracting teenagers while crossing roads, with one in four school zone pedestrian injuries involving 12 to 15 year olds.

Of course, iPods don’t step out blindly into traffic, teenagers do, but even then, teens are not likely to wear dorky-looking vests with “40” emblazoned on the back. Foundation 40, an organization promoting safety in school zone (the “40” comes from the speed limit—in km/h—in school zones), so is recommending that the teens carry florescent green backpacks. Yeah, like that will go over big, too.

Here’s an idea: Accept the fact that Australia has found a way to empty out the shallow end of the gene. Or at least give drivers more points for bumping off teenagers.