Looking for mom, 5-year old drives SUV – but not very far

5-year old calls 911

A 5-year old calls 911 after backing mom’s car across the street.

A five-year old Ohio girl will have a long time living down how she backed her mother’s 1999 Lincoln Navigator across the street in an effort to find her missing mom, and then calling 911 when she apparently didn’t know what to do next.

When little Ameleah Kegley arrived home from school, her mother wasn’t there, so Ameleah decided to be proactive, got in her mother’s SUV, and as Mansfield, Ohio, policeman Ryan Grimshaw told WBNS-TV, started the engine and put it in gear, just like she had seen her mother do.

But the girl returned to her home when she apparently decided this driving thing would be more difficult than she had thought. She called 911, afraid for her mother—“I miss her so much”—but also worried about what might happen when Mom came home—“You gotta get here quick! Because I know my mom is going to be pissed at me.”

Of course, calling 911—or perhaps a relative or neighbor—before she tried driving the SUV would have been better. But Ameleah’s mother had been taken to the hospital in an emergency—the news report didn’t say what the outcome of that was—but no one had thought about the five-year old, so the little girl did what she thought best.

Perhaps now when someone brings up the story, the best thing for Amaleah to do would be to mention her resourcefulness in a difficult situation for a five-year old, and just be glad everything turned out as well as it did.

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