Driverless car makes backwards circles in Wildwood, NJ (video)

driverless car does backwards circle

A driverless car does backwards circles in a street in Wildwood, NJ.

It’s not quite Christine, but in the seaside resort town of Wildwood, New Jersey, a Ford Thunderbird developed a mind of its own and began cutting circles in reversre in the middle of the street with no one at the wheel.  The car’s owner and another man were going to change places behind the wheel and while they were out of the car, the transmission somehow went into reverse and the car into driverless orbit, its owner standing helplessly aside.

Worse, the driver’s door hadn’t been closed and swung open as the car went around. The door clipped a pole and was bent back, eventually falling off.

The car might still be going around and around—it’s the off-season—if it weren’t for the Wildwood fire department’s Fire Captain Chris D’Amico who moved inside the circle the car was making and jumped in through the passenger side window.

“I’ve never corralled a car before,” D’Amico said.

What? We thought that sort of thing happened all the time in New Jersey.

The turnaround T-Bird was caught on video (of course) and put up on YouTube (naturally). NBC Philadelphia later contacted the car’s owner who “had no comment on the matter”. Apparently the Thunderbird wasn’t talking either.