Cop has sex on hood of car–but is it a crime?

cop with baton cartoonIf a cop, in full uniform, has sex on the hood of a car and no one sees it, is it a crime? What if it’s videotaped?

We’re too modest to post it here, but an image search on the internet will reveal the New Mexico State Police officer, in uniform–even still wearing his utility belt– serving and protecting a woman on the hood of a Honda.

The woman involved has been interviewed and it has been determined that, as there were no witnesses, the couple did not violate indecent exposure laws. However the trooper, whose name has not been released by the NM  State Police (but it’s out there), is in currently in the “disciplinary process.”

Unfortunately for the couple,  the tryst was captured on a police video cam–set up to catch vandals–at the entrance to a county-owned ranch south of Santa Fe, and photos began showing up on the internet.

It’s reported that the officer in charge had previously received commendations. Apparently the officer had much to commend him.

After all, they don’t call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment for nothing.

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