Snake on a car is just a windshield viper (with video)

snake on a car

A snake that slithered onto the hood of a car just becomes a windshield viper.

Rachel Fisher was driving down the highway at 65 miles per hour when a snake–yes, a snake–came slithering out from under the hood of her car. Fortunately for Rachel, the snake was on the outside of the car, on the cowl, rather than inside on the dash. And outside, as he slithering up the glass, he became a windshield viper.

So Rachel did what anyone would do. She kept driving. Her husband filmed it. And they put it on YouTube, where no doubt it will go viral.

What happened to the snake? He was last seen on Rachel’s side rearview mirror before disappearing onto the fast lane of whatever four lane divided highway Rachel was driving on. Bad move, Sir Hiss. You should have stayed with the car and then like a New Jersey rattlesnake, bit someone.

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