Nashville. A Greyhound bus. Bull semen. I think we have a country song

Checking out the bull semen

Nashville HAZMAT checking out the bull semen

A Greyhound scattering its load of bull semen on an Interstate highway entrance ramp caused quite stir in Tennessee, shutting down the road and even bringing out the HAZMAT response team.

The bull semen, for use in artificial insemination, was in four canisters chilled with liquid nitrogen when they rolled out of a cargo hold of a Greyhound bus travelling through Nashville, the driver unaware that his payload was left rolling on the roadway. HAZMAT was called because people began to complain about a foul odor and reporting the canisters with steam coming from them.

After the HAZMAT crews discovered that the canisters had relatively innocuous contents–though altogether valued at up to a make-your-own-joke $80,000–the roadway was cleared except for forty-‘leven country song writers trying to come up with a near rhyme for “bull semen.”

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