Kentucky man lives in the trunk of his car

George Auge Jr. mugshot

George Auge Jr. can’t live in the trunk of his car, cops say.

Think of it as a small motor home. A very small motor home. Without windows.  At least that’s what a Kentucky man apparently considered the trunk of his car. George Auge Jr. has attained international notoriety by living in the trunk of his car behind a Louisville Office Depot.

Multiple news accounts across the web (including us, obviously) have now recounted how Louisville police came upon Auge trying to lock himself inside the trunk of his car.

Fearing for the man’s safety in summertime Louisville–and doubting his sobriety–the police wouldn’t allow Auge to close himself in the trunk of his car. When Auge ran to his father’s house several blocks away, the senior Auge denied him entry.

Police took Auge Jr. into custody for public drunkenness…and failure to register a change of address with the Department of Motor Vehicles.