Distracted driving in Pennsylvania: Snake in a car

cartoon snakeAre cell phones a distraction when you’re driving down the Interstate? How about having your passenger bitten by a snake?

According to the Altoona (Pa.) Mirror, that’s what happened to Amber Thalhouser. She and her passenger, Donald Forshey, were returning from a yard sale where they had purchased a “weed trimmer and a milk crate full of items.” Apparently one of those items was a snake that the pair discovered only when it slithered up and nipped Forshay on the leg.

Thalhouser and Forshey described the snake as a brownish-colored snake about 2 feet long and 1 inches thick. According to Pennsylvania State Trooper David Nazaruk, the snake was either a (we say huge) “garter snake or maybe a copperhead.”.

Trooper Nazaruk told the Mirror that Forshey used a crutch – he’d recently had an operation – to try to pin the snake to the floor as Thalhouser pulled to the shoulder of Interstate 99 where both exited the car.

The emergency response crew took the car apart looking for the snake, but didn’t find it.

At least Forshey had the snakebite to prove he and Thalhouser weren’t hallucinating.

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