Boss Track Attack means training and track time for Mustang Boss 302 owners

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Ford Mustang Boss 302 owners will be able to sharpen their skills at the Boss Track Attack

Buyers of the new 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 are getting a special treat, the Boss Track Attack. Even if the track-tuned pony promises owner gratification just by being itself, the Boss Track Attack days, a free day of training and track time at Miller Motorsports Park driving track-ready Boss 302 Mustangs, should serve as an intensifier.

The intent, according to Ford, is by providing owners “with a full immersion into the Boss experience”, Boss 302 owners will “learn just capable the new car is, and how much fun it can be on one of the country’s greatest tracks.”

It’s not the first event of this kind–BMW and Saab, for example, have provided track and training time for purchasers of certain models and Jaguar recently inaugurated its R Performance Academy–but it is a first for Ford. Said Mickey Matus, marketing manager, Ford Racing:

“We’re so proud of the new Boss 302 that we wanted to offer owners the opportunity to stretch their legs – and carve corners – on one of the coolest tracks in America. The Boss 302 is such a legendary nameplate, and our latest version is such a tremendous, fun-to-drive car that we wanted to ensure this exclusive group of owners learn all they could about it, and experience its capabilities in the fun, controlled environment that Miller Motorsports Park can provide.”

Ford Boss 302 owners don’t have to bring their own car. A fleet of track-ready Bosses is provided. Boss Track Attack provides a limited liability policy for damage to the cars. Drivers are responsible any and all damage to cars driven during the programs, but for $50 per day, students can purchase a property damage waiver option to limit financial responsibility to $5,000.00.

The standard program begins with a reception and dinner at the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum at the track followed classroom instruction in the morning. Only about 30 percent (including lunch) of school time is seated in a chair rather than a Boss. Morning lessons include in-car instruction practicing cornering techniques, downshifting while braking and vehicle dynamics, moving to lead-follow on-track and instructor ride-along in the afternoon.

The course is open to the purchaser of a 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302, though Boss Track Attack will allow certain substitutions to be made. A second day of training/driving is also available for $995 in a Ford Racing Mustang GT, or $1,395 in a Ford Racing Mustang FR500S.

Boss Track Attack sessions begin at the end of August, 2011, and run through the end of the year, though of 15 scheduled sessions, space remains in only five. The number of participants is limited to eight per session, with three or four instructors.

Registrants for Boss Track Attack will be require to provide VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Name and location of the dealership where the Mustang Boss 302 was purchased and the delivery date of the Boss® 302. For more information, go to the Boss Track Attack website.

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