Audi exploring Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept

The Audi Urban Concept is one idea of what an city runabout should be.

Like all car builders, German manufacturer Audi is constantly on the lookout  for  a vehicle that will meet an unfulfilled need.

Enter the Audi Urban Concept, which will be on display at the Frankfurt International Auto Show next month.

Small, ultra- light and sporty, according to Audi, the electric-powered car might alleviate the driving difficulties of city dwellers,  somewhat in the same way that a motorcycle does.

The Urban Concept, which has a design like no other Audi, is envisioned as a hatchback and a convertible. It is a two-seater, one in front and one staggered slightly to the right in back . The 21-inch wheels are covered by cycle-like fenders. The doorsopen diagonally upward.

To minimize weight, the cockpit is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer that joins the undercarriage of both seats.

Drivers of different sizes can adjust the steering wheel and pedals to for maximum comfort and controllability. The doors open diagonally upward.

Power is supplied by two electric motors, which allow the Urban Concept to accelerate with urgency. The electricity comes from lithium-in  batteries that, according to the manufacturer,  should be able to power the car on “extended city tours.”