Moped. Fireworks. Three beers. So what went wrong?

Robert Martin mugshot

Moped. Fireworks. Three beers. And a free portrait from the Louisville police.

Moped. Fireworks. Three beers. Sounds like a plan.

At least it did to Robert Martin, say Louisville (KY) police, who arrested Martin after he was seen on a moped with fireworks going off the back of it. That’s something that sounds like it would be difficult to do sober, but of course, chugging three beers–as Martin allegedly told police he had done–will give a man talents he never knew he had, at least in his own mind.

Martin’s breath test recorded a 0.159 blood alcohol level, according to the arrest report, twice the legal limit in Kentucky.

Martin was charged with driving under the influence and operating on a suspended license. Apparently Kentucky doesn’t have a DWIQ law or else they would have charged him with Driving Without an IQ.

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