Volvo made from Legos is a prank on Legoland boss

Peter Ronchetti checks out Lego Volvo in YouTube video

Penter Ronchetti checks out Lego Volvo in YouTube video

A Volvo made from Legos? Volvo cars are known for their safety but we doubt one made for the boss of the Legoland theme park in California would pass any impact tests. But that’s OK because it wasn’t made by Volvo but rather employees of Legoland as a prank on their boss.

Legoland staffers made a life-sized copy of Peter Ronchetti’s Volvo XC60 from 201,076 Lego toy bricks and replaced it in the theme park’s employee parking lot during the day. The staffers distracted Ronchetti, whose office overlooked the parking lot, and took his keys. Then the Lego Volvo, all three tons of it, was forklifted into its place.

In a video published on YouTube, Ronchetti said that he was initially fooled by the Lego Volvo’s authenticity. “I walked right up to it,” he said.

Sure, but we don’t want to be the body shop employees who have to repair this Volvo if it ever is in an accident.