Tom Cruise co-stars with BMW concept car in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt cruises around in a not-so-stealthful BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise gets to cruise silently in the next installment of the Mission Impossible thrillers, assigned the 2009 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car for his role as Ethan Hunt. The BMW concept car will co-star with Cruise in the four edition of the series, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept, despite the clumsy name, is a sleek four-seat 2+2 standing only 48.8 inches tall. Despite its exotic styling and low 0.22 coefficient of drag, the real star of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept is the powertrain, a combination of a 3-cylinder turbo diesel with a hybrid synchronous motor at the front axle and a full-hybrid engine at the rear axle producing an overall system output of 328 bhp.

The lithium-ion plug-in hybrid can run about 30 miles on electric power alone–good for skulking around quietly–and with a full 6.3-gallon diesel tank the Vision EfficientDynamics concept has a range of more than 400 miles. Average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle is just over 62 mpg. It’s not slow, however. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept’s can run zero-to-62 mph (100 km/h) in just  4.8 seconds with.

BMW hopes to get a lot of mileage out of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept as a publicity tool, already having announced that the concept will see production as the BMW i8 sometime around 2013, along with an i3 model. BMW has already trademarked i1 through i9 as well as e1 through e9, so expect more in the way of hybrids and electrics from BMW, and letting people know is the whole point of sharing the Vision EfficientDynamics with Tom Cruise.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept vehicle

The face of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car is at least as memorable as that of Tom Cruise.

“We are thrilled to be involved again in another Hollywood Blockbuster,” said Ian Robertson, BMW AG sales and marketing chief. BMW was featured in the James Bond spy flic series, including a specially-equipped BMW  Z3 in Goldeneye and a BMW 750iL that got the Q Branch treatment in Tomorrow Never Dies. The BMW Z8 had a brief appearance in The World is Not Enough before getting chopped in half by a helicopter.  A BMW R1200 motorcycle also was ridden by Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

“With its futuristic design and large glass surfaces, the [BMW Vision EfficientDynamics] offers a fascinating perspective on the future of sheer driving pleasure – in combination with maximum efficiency,” Robertson said.

We understand the large glass surfaces. All the better to see Tom Cruise. But the Vision EfficientDynamics for a supersleuth? A dirty ten-year old Toyota Camry would be much less noticeable. On the other hand, we’re talking Hollywood and Tom Cruise wouldn’t take time out from jumping on Oprah’s couch to drive a lousy old Camry. So BMW Vision EfficientDynamics it is. Look for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol  in December 2011 if only to see the car.

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