Norht to Cleveland?

misspellled sign clipNorht to Cleveland? Apparently the joke’s not on Cleveland this time but on the highway contractor who delivered and installed a misspelled sign directing drivers on Ohio 82 eastbound to Interstate 71 in Strongsville, Ohio. Instead of “North”, the sign reads “Norht”, as noted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Normally we’re not very critical of typos because we’ve made a few ourselves. But never 50 percent of a project.

We’re wondering how the sign could be made, stood up in the shop, loaded onto a truck, picked up by a crane (or whatever they lift highway signs with), mounted and then looked at when they were done and then inspected by a Ohio Department of Transportation engineer…with no one noticing “North” was misspelled.

C’mon, folks, it’s just two words.

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